Thursday, 24 August 2017

All of the Dronefest live sets are now up on Mixcloud. Check them out.

Droneweek was hard work but loads of fun. Next year is definitely on the cards.

For now, expect a Drone-ranger show at least monthly. It'll feature loads of new stuff and will also replay mixes from this years Droneweek... It'll add to that Mixcloud page above as the year goes by..

 Right now, all my time is taken up with the Soundart Radio Autumn season and the
Wildlife Discotheque... If anybody wants a Wildlife Discotheque in their town get in touch...
      We do it for grub (vegan), travel and a floor to kip on x x If you want to know more -
here's a review of the Exeter gig -

and some promo for the currently forthcoming Newcastle set - Fancy a Wild Night?

     Don't forget you can always check out whats going on at soundart Radio at any time by going to the website - 

Tuning in round Totnes on 102.5 FM

     or just Listen to the webstream -   and you may hear

any kind of weird and wonderful radio from

and so much much more....

More than me jobs worth innit...blah blah blah..... Thanks fur lis'nin'..... xC

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