Friday, 11 August 2017

And so it continues, from about 20:30 this evening another mix starts up. It commences with a short 2 minute track from Mark Chapman, the DnB producer mentioned earlier in the Droneweek blogs.

This is followed by a track called 'The Oldest Tree in the Forest' by Spaceship. Spaceship is the project of Mark Williamson.
His current work involves improvised drone pieces created in the field using iPad, portable speaker and alto recorder. The tracks are layered using the 4-track function of the Zoom H4n and then mixed and EQ'd at home. The only post-recording effect is to add delay to the recorder part.

The pieces are intended to be a reflection of my reaction to a space at that particular time.
This piece will be included on his next album by his Spaceship project 'fields 2: from the sea to the moor via the forest and the stones'. You can find out more at .

     I'm pleased to be able to include a couple of tracks next from Jez Riley-French.
     Jez got in touch thanks to Tony Whitehead I believe so I have included 2 tracks from (ghost) owl, the rest of which are available to listen to here -

Next up, a submission from Alexander Adams -
There is a wealth of material and information available here -

Next a label submission. The artist is KARMICIEL WSZY from Poland, the release is called Teorema and is released on the Minnesota label Lighten Up Sounds. Go check it out! -

Its also a pleasure to include a couple of tracks from JeanPhilippe Renoult. We met JP at the Radio Revolten International Radio Art Festival last year so it was a joy to recieve an email and some submissions. JeanPhilippe is half of with Dinah bird. We're very fond of them both here at Soundart HQ.

There follows a submission from Flavien GilliƩ
     Flavien GilliĆ© does field recordings as a link between places, voices and memory. He also reworks these field recordings and elaborates soundscapes in some installations.

This length mix finishes with 2 pieces from Cloven aka Cris Cheek.  The submission came with very little information other than an email but I believe this is the person responsible  The drones are incredibly characterful and I will investigate the work available on the link much more at some point in the future as I suggest you could to. There is a world of interest here to explore. 

Additionally we are playing a piece called 'Atomic Decay' from Scott Michael.
Scott Michael is a Drone Musician, Photographer and Visual Artist based in the Neath Valley, Wales. Scott's work is influenced by heavy industry and futurism and speculates privately on the emergence on artificial intelligence and it's effect on the humanities creative output. Atomic Decay predicts a dystopian future after global atomic war. Scott has had a number of photography exhibitions through Wales and England. You can find him on the Twitter and more information is available at

Thanks for listening.



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