Friday, 11 August 2017

    Friday Aug 11th... A great day of Droneweek radio today. First up an hour long mix of some of the shorter submissions received.. We kick off with a drone called 'Hope' by Matthew Chapman. Matthew is more usually associated with Drum and Bass and a quick look at his Soundcloud page shows a wealth a great DnB talent if you like that kind of thing (we're quite keen on a bit of DnB at Soundart)..
Matt is a Drum & Bass producer, electronic music artist & composer from Ockendon in Essex. As a Music Technology and Music Performance teacher and currently studying a masters in MMus Electronic Music Composition Matt is passionate about sound, music and education. Under the pseudonym 'Wreckless', Matt has been releasing electronic for around 6 years, predominantly in the style of Drum & Bass.

You can find out more about Matt here - 
Instagram: @wreckless_dnb
Twitter: @wreckless_dnb
Spotify: Wreckless Playlist

Next up a piece from Dimitrios Bormpoudakis, a Research assistant at the School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent.
    The piece is a field-recorded drone of electricity pylon wires, supplemented by crows, insects, other birds etc. It was recorded on the footpath between Canterbury and the coastal town of Whitstable, using a typical zoom H3 portable recorder.There is a little more on the soundcloud page here -

A submission from Jennifer Walton called 'Immediacy' follows. Jennifer is primarily a film composer based between london and newcastle. More info and audio can be found on her soundcloud - and also her website at -

In this mix we have 2 submissions from Jordan McDermott. The first is called 'Tokyo' inspired by time spent in Japan, and the later track '4shore. Honour the treaty' from time spent in New Zealand. Jordan is about to start a Digital music and Sound art degree in Brighton which I believe will be under the superb tutorledge of another Droneweek contributor and friend of Soundart, Maria Papadomanolaki of whom I will talk more of later... There's more from Jordan here -

An odd one next, I'm sure some of us can relate. A piece called 'I was a middle aged gym drone' from Ben Clayton-Wolfindale, a recording he made  at his local gym - 7 minutes 30 of him on a rowing machine. I love the non-descript ambient drone that lurks around the periphery of this field recording built up from all the convoluted noises of the acoustic space... Ben is a sound artist based in London and there is some great material to be found on his Bandcamp -

   'Covfefe' is a drone sent by Lukas Nystrand von Unge..  Lukas seems like an interesting chap. More info and links can be found at his soundcloud page -

Next up, a piece from Primitive Knot. Manchester's primary psychedelic gnostic spacerock band. They've found their way onto Soundart Radio before courtesy of Steve Cammack Muhmur show and we're very glad of that because they're awesome. Get down with the Ur-sound.

    Finally in this first mix a track from the aforementioned Maria Papadomanolaki, an improvisation with radios. Maria is senior lecturer and course leader in Digital Music and Sound Arts at the university of Brighton. Maria has a wealth of Sonic arts experience and practice going back many years. More information on Maria's work is available here -
sensing cities blog

    I believe she will have the pleasure of tutoring the aforementioned Jordan McDermott from September this year!

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