Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Its Tuesday the 8th. Excitingly, some new submissions are still arriving. Hopefully by the weekend I will have built the definitive referenced playlist for our listening enjoyment. 

In the meantime, what about today? Well, we're going to play some more things we like... We're kicking off with Julian Cope who some of you may have noticed I mentioned yesterday. The work from Julian Cope might suprise those who's only familiarity with his work dates back to the 80's and 'World shut your Mouth' but those who have followed his work for the best part of 30 years will be in no way suprised to hear these two huge odes to the ancient gods by the arch drude himself... 

Much pleasure has been found at Soundart HQ from these releases....

We also have a track from David First http://www.davidfirst.com/ 
called 'Pipeline Witness Apologies to Dennis' from a collection of his called 'Privacy Issues (Droneworks 1996 - 2009) part of a 3cd set released on Phill Niblock's label Experimental Intermedia (XI) http://www.experimentalintermedia.org/xi/134.shtml

A great release on a great label.

Also today i'm including the http://gretacottageworkshop.co.uk/ mix from Saturday night. 

Don't forget you can tune in online via http://soundartradio.org/listen

Thanks for listening,


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