Wednesday, 9 August 2017

     Its Wednesday 09th August and I'm busy prepping to showcase all of the new submissions ready for broadcast over the weekend.. Today, we're re-broadcasting the material recorded live here at Soundart Radio studio's on Sunday. Tune in today to hear the recordings of the following 6 performances that will loop throughout the day..

     Without a doubt, Sunday was an amazing day of live performance. There was little to fault (except perhaps the dire lack of a sizable audience for this admittedly niche listening experience....)

     The day started at 2pm by a pseudo performance/installation by Soundart Radio stalwart Dark mother Wood.

     Alasdair's piece consisted of a broken mixer, its internal circuitry warped by persistent noise, with outputs fed back into inputs and the subsequent mix driven through an old and similarly suspect 10w guitar amplifier. 
The sound was driving and insistent, layers of overtones and harmonics within the room built up a visceral sonic experience, slightly modulated perhaps a couple of times within the whole performance to leave the audience in no doubt that this was the beginning of a day that would present no easy listening experiences....

     Alasdair was followed by local folk duo The Diamond Family Archive whose 2 hour set was a trancendent and inspiring experience.. Nominally Peter on drums and Laurence on vocals and guitar, these 2 highly skilled musicians bring into the mix a huge variety of sound from a variety of extra sources from shruti boxes to loop pedals, ancient synths to analogue radio, cassette players, multiple effects and toys the sound is at once, solidly contemporary folk music and far reaching ethereal music for the soul. They deserve to be massive and reach a much wider audience.

     Steve Cammack was our next live act. Regular Soundart listeners will know Steve both from his splendid Muhmur radio show and the new blog at (which contains Steve's own review of the day and is well worth a read). Technically he should have been billed as Dieter Muh, the name under which he has performed for the best part of 25 years but the actual format of the day was undefined and amorphous... (my fault) hence the billing as Steve Cammack on the flyer.
     Steve has perfected his live kit to fit into a compact touring case, making it all the easier to tour live sets across Europe, and built up a complex layered, multi faceted piece using baoding balls, loops, samples and other small pieces of kit only slightly thrown into disarray by the sudden appearance of the audio ghost of Richard Clayderman...

     Our next live act was Audio Hacking Club. So called because they're the Audio Hacking Club , John and Rhod built up sounds based from the start around a single drone created by a rotary fan beating upon a single home-made single string instrument.. A variety of light sensors and other homemade and old pro kit (the much desired Roland space Echo for one) were used to modulate and build up a

piece that throbbed, looped and tweeted to the great satisfaction of all in the room...

Up next was Oima Orchestra. Sometimes Dave and his partner Maggie, today just Dave. Dave has been working on the coalface of obscure electronica since the late 70's early 80's and presents a regular radio show on Soundart  Radio since we began -
 over 10 years ago, and in fact, the show  is older than that, being simultaneously broadcast on the Dutch experimental station DFM radio.
Dave's set was predominately DJ based using 2 CDJ's, a mixer and delays to build up layer upon layer of found sound, field recording, & archived show material to build a piece that reflected Oima's history and forged a path into Oima's future...

Our final performance was from Tony Whitehead. Tony rarely performs live and when he does it is often at the total opposite spectrum to this performance. Tony runs 'Very Quiet records  and his performances and collaborations are often compositions that sit at the very fringes of audibility and leave the audience unsure as to whether the sounds they here are composed or incidental dependant on how sounds react, and are effected by the spaces in which they are performed. This was not the case today as Tony created a piece that drove into the room like an articulated truck packed to the brim with obscure ornithological field recording cassettes, spilling spoken word, dark deep throbs and wall of sound madness across all corners of the room. An incredible way to finish the day.

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