Friday, 11 August 2017

Rolling on into Friday's 3rd mix, starting on air at (roughly 2.30pm) we start with a track called 'Shuji', in tribute to the Japanese poet, writer & director Shūji Terayama from artist Jason Bigelow. More of his work is available here -

     Next up, another track from Dim Unit aka Damian Mason whose details can be found earlier on in this Droneweek blog. This track is called 'Slow Boat to Io'.

Our next piece is 'Tension' by Paul Michael browne who's website can be found at -

Paul is a Bath-based artist. Working with text, prose, sound and ordinary objects. Interested in human interaction and behaviour, memory and mental health.

The piece is a recording of the artist walking around an empty former mortuary chapel, periodically opening and closing the immense door, combined with audio of single hand claps captured through 3 separate microphones situated around an empty art gallery, and manipulated to form the soundscape. 

More info on this specific piece is here - 

     Its a great pleasure to present a track from Seth Cooke next. Seth is a Bristol based artist, & co-founder of Bang the Bore - 

      The piece's subject is the contenciously named Colston Hall concert venue in Bristol. Its called Triangular Trade and information is best taken from Seth's website -

This mix finishes with one more from Dim unit called ' One Tiny Fly'

The next collection of tracks features 3 artists. This forth mix will first air at approx 6pm this evening (Friday 11th August) 

We start with Ian Watson, an incredibly talented artist both sonically and visually based in Cardiff.
You can check out his website here -  and buy art from

Buy his music here - and follow him on the Twitter at

The mix starts with the first 3 tracks from  5 Year Lost, as I couldn't choose just one to include!

These are followed by the 'Gavia EP' by Hanetration. 
     The whole EP only clocks in at about 2o minutes and its such a great piece of work I felt I should break convention and include the whole EP.. I can tell you very little about the artist other than he lives in Cornwall. There's a nice little interview available here though -

This mix finishes with one more piece from Ian Watson. Its the title track from the Pleurisy LP  and to give it its full title, 'A feeling of yearning, or Pleurisy'. If you wish to listen to the rest of the LP contact Ian through his weblinks/twitter above....


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