Monday, 7 August 2017

     So its Monday morning, and first off, a confession. We didn't recieve as many Droneweek submissions as perhaps we first hoped. We've had a good number, but many submissions are in the order of 2 to 10 minute long and i'd hoped originally to recieve far more pieces that may clock in around the 2 to 24 hour mark..

     How does this sit with Droneweek then? Well, at present I have roughly 48 hours of content. I also know that I am expecting more submissions, even as this week goes on, but what is fairly evident now is that this is not going to be a week where we play 200 hours of completely different content which had been my original hope...

     This is ok though. What it does mean is that nearly all pieces will get played at least 3 times over the course of the week. That's not so shameful. It also means that there is more likelyhood that peoples work will actually get heard. That can only be a good thing. We all have to sleep sometime after all.... 

     So, on to todays drones. we've got another 4 tracks from David Watson's awesome LP 'Fingering an Idea'. A fine bagpipe LP for the adventurous experimentalist...

     We also have a submission from Tony Whitehead.
Tony is a good friend, a fine artist and all round lovely chap and its a pleasure to share his work with you. This piece is called 'Where Death keeps Hearth and Home' inspired by the Dartmoor legend of Childe the Hunter, and his demise frozen inside the disemboweled body of his horse.

    We will also be playing 'The Mortimer Trap', performed by Oren Ambarchi and Thomas Brinkmann and composed by Morton Feldman and released on Black Truffle records
     This is a fine label run by Ambarchi. Check it out.

     It wouldn't be drone week without a passing mention of Sunn 0))) so we have included today a track from the splendid 'White 1' LP called 'My wall' featuring the talents of Julian Cope who we will come upon again later on in the week, and also a track from Thomas Köner whose drone and ambient works first turned me on in the early 90's. I will talk more of Thomas Köner as well later on in the week.

Thanks for listening.



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