Friday, 11 August 2017

Still Friday, and another mix, this one featuring longer submissions, most in the 20 to 30 minute range.... First up, enthusiastic Soundart Radio supporter Salford Electronics
with a great track called 'Drone Art Attack'.
     From the Salford Electronics twitter it appears works include visual art as well as sonic, some of which has been released on the splendid German label; Tesco Organisation and supported by Steve regularly on the Muhmur Radio show.. I recommend you follow the Twitter  and check out more material on the bandcamp

    Next up, more local work from Shaun Lewin and Lucy Davies.  A performance recorded live during sunrise on the summer solstice this year at Blockhouse park Plymouth. Its largely live sampling of what's going on around, all recorded using a field recorder that picks up the drone of Plymouth starting up for the day, some magpies and a keen dog walker. There's two people playing ipads, Lucy Davies and Shaun Lewin - They occasionally perform as the Oddstep Deployment Unit. -

    One of the pleasures of this Droneweek project is how far afield submissions have come from. From Plymouth practically on our doorstep to the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Our next work is from the artist Stephanie Merchak in Lebanon. With an academic background and technical expertise in music going back decades, Stephanie Merchak’s first endeavours into the realm of electronic music came in 2004.
As one of Lebanon’s few professional female electronic music producers, she has been working on bringing out her own touch of experimentalism.Her exposure has substantially increased since 2009 after winning 2nd prize at Radio Lebanon’s “96.2 Modern Music Contest” and following it with a live performance at The Basement.
Stephanie worked for more than 10 years as a sound editor, composer and sound designer for studios in Beirut.
    The track submitted is called 'Into the Darkness' and was composed especially for Droneweek. It was recorded in one take into Ableton Live with no post processing using a variety of equipment including a Korg Volka Keys, a Zoom MS-70 and a Focusrite scarlett on august 4th 2017 at 1.56am.
    There is plenty more to discover about Stephanie Merchak's work at the following links -

    The next submission is from Cynthia and called 'Between Two worlds' released on Shimmering Moods Records. I can't tell you anything about Cynthia other than other works are available under a different name and that this track was given 9 out of 10 by Norman Records... Should you feel like owning a copy there may be a very few ltd editions left at -

    Next up is a track from Dim Unit from Melbourne (Australia). The piece is called Aftermath, recorded on 21st January this year. Dim Unit is Damian Mason and more info can be found here -
and here -

More of Dim Unit can be heard in later Droneweek mixes..

     Back to London now and a piece called 'View from stave Hill' by Smallhaus,  a mix of field recordings, a degraded old tape and guitar. Info is available here - and you can follow Smallhaus on Twitter here -

The final track in this mix is called 'P△RTICLE' from Voodoo Gangster. All the way from Dunedin, New Zealand, Voodoo Gangster is a FUTURIAN, runs the ĹŒtepoti Music blog, and also work at Radio One 91FM (part of the Radia network -

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