Saturday, 5 August 2017

This year, 2017 between the 5th and 13th of August. We're being a little playful here at Soundart Radio. We have asked, and received, numerous audio submissions with a drone theme and have dedicated the week to exploring the form. I'm not expecting a huge outcry from the listening public. 'Oh that's not drone, that's a harsh noise wall' 'that's far to melodic for drone' 'that drone is in no way consistent' etc etc etc We're experimental radio. We're lo-key, lo-fi, lo-budget (no-budget) with little interest other than to support artists as best we can in the somewhat marginalised field of sonic arts and trying to help people to devise new and creative approaches to radio and radio art. I think we're doing a good job despite the many disadvantages we face but of course we recognise that we could always do better.

I am hoping that this is the first of an annual event. A whole new extended radio listening experience.
We start tonight at 10pm with a special mix from Matt at Greta Cottage Workshop. We love Matt. He gets it. Its a good place to start. I hope you stay with us for the whole week and beyond.

Playlists and artist information will be added to this blog as the week goes on. Then it will be left live til next year when hopefully we'll do it all again.....

Thanks for listening..


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