Thursday, 24 August 2017

All of the Dronefest live sets are now up on Mixcloud. Check them out.

Droneweek was hard work but loads of fun. Next year is definitely on the cards.

For now, expect a Drone-ranger show at least monthly. It'll feature loads of new stuff and will also replay mixes from this years Droneweek... It'll add to that Mixcloud page above as the year goes by..

 Right now, all my time is taken up with the Soundart Radio Autumn season and the
Wildlife Discotheque... If anybody wants a Wildlife Discotheque in their town get in touch...
      We do it for grub (vegan), travel and a floor to kip on x x If you want to know more -
here's a review of the Exeter gig -

and some promo for the currently forthcoming Newcastle set - Fancy a Wild Night?

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Friday, 11 August 2017

And so it continues, from about 20:30 this evening another mix starts up. It commences with a short 2 minute track from Mark Chapman, the DnB producer mentioned earlier in the Droneweek blogs.

This is followed by a track called 'The Oldest Tree in the Forest' by Spaceship. Spaceship is the project of Mark Williamson.
His current work involves improvised drone pieces created in the field using iPad, portable speaker and alto recorder. The tracks are layered using the 4-track function of the Zoom H4n and then mixed and EQ'd at home. The only post-recording effect is to add delay to the recorder part.

The pieces are intended to be a reflection of my reaction to a space at that particular time.
This piece will be included on his next album by his Spaceship project 'fields 2: from the sea to the moor via the forest and the stones'. You can find out more at .

     I'm pleased to be able to include a couple of tracks next from Jez Riley-French.
     Jez got in touch thanks to Tony Whitehead I believe so I have included 2 tracks from (ghost) owl, the rest of which are available to listen to here -

Next up, a submission from Alexander Adams -
There is a wealth of material and information available here -

Next a label submission. The artist is KARMICIEL WSZY from Poland, the release is called Teorema and is released on the Minnesota label Lighten Up Sounds. Go check it out! -

Its also a pleasure to include a couple of tracks from JeanPhilippe Renoult. We met JP at the Radio Revolten International Radio Art Festival last year so it was a joy to recieve an email and some submissions. JeanPhilippe is half of with Dinah bird. We're very fond of them both here at Soundart HQ.

There follows a submission from Flavien Gillié
     Flavien Gillié does field recordings as a link between places, voices and memory. He also reworks these field recordings and elaborates soundscapes in some installations.

This length mix finishes with 2 pieces from Cloven aka Cris Cheek.  The submission came with very little information other than an email but I believe this is the person responsible  The drones are incredibly characterful and I will investigate the work available on the link much more at some point in the future as I suggest you could to. There is a world of interest here to explore. 

Additionally we are playing a piece called 'Atomic Decay' from Scott Michael.
Scott Michael is a Drone Musician, Photographer and Visual Artist based in the Neath Valley, Wales. Scott's work is influenced by heavy industry and futurism and speculates privately on the emergence on artificial intelligence and it's effect on the humanities creative output. Atomic Decay predicts a dystopian future after global atomic war. Scott has had a number of photography exhibitions through Wales and England. You can find him on the Twitter and more information is available at

Thanks for listening.



Rolling on into Friday's 3rd mix, starting on air at (roughly 2.30pm) we start with a track called 'Shuji', in tribute to the Japanese poet, writer & director Shūji Terayama from artist Jason Bigelow. More of his work is available here -

     Next up, another track from Dim Unit aka Damian Mason whose details can be found earlier on in this Droneweek blog. This track is called 'Slow Boat to Io'.

Our next piece is 'Tension' by Paul Michael browne who's website can be found at -

Paul is a Bath-based artist. Working with text, prose, sound and ordinary objects. Interested in human interaction and behaviour, memory and mental health.

The piece is a recording of the artist walking around an empty former mortuary chapel, periodically opening and closing the immense door, combined with audio of single hand claps captured through 3 separate microphones situated around an empty art gallery, and manipulated to form the soundscape. 

More info on this specific piece is here - 

     Its a great pleasure to present a track from Seth Cooke next. Seth is a Bristol based artist, & co-founder of Bang the Bore - 

      The piece's subject is the contenciously named Colston Hall concert venue in Bristol. Its called Triangular Trade and information is best taken from Seth's website -

This mix finishes with one more from Dim unit called ' One Tiny Fly'

The next collection of tracks features 3 artists. This forth mix will first air at approx 6pm this evening (Friday 11th August) 

We start with Ian Watson, an incredibly talented artist both sonically and visually based in Cardiff.
You can check out his website here -  and buy art from

Buy his music here - and follow him on the Twitter at

The mix starts with the first 3 tracks from  5 Year Lost, as I couldn't choose just one to include!

These are followed by the 'Gavia EP' by Hanetration. 
     The whole EP only clocks in at about 2o minutes and its such a great piece of work I felt I should break convention and include the whole EP.. I can tell you very little about the artist other than he lives in Cornwall. There's a nice little interview available here though -

This mix finishes with one more piece from Ian Watson. Its the title track from the Pleurisy LP  and to give it its full title, 'A feeling of yearning, or Pleurisy'. If you wish to listen to the rest of the LP contact Ian through his weblinks/twitter above....


Still Friday, and another mix, this one featuring longer submissions, most in the 20 to 30 minute range.... First up, enthusiastic Soundart Radio supporter Salford Electronics
with a great track called 'Drone Art Attack'.
     From the Salford Electronics twitter it appears works include visual art as well as sonic, some of which has been released on the splendid German label; Tesco Organisation and supported by Steve regularly on the Muhmur Radio show.. I recommend you follow the Twitter  and check out more material on the bandcamp

    Next up, more local work from Shaun Lewin and Lucy Davies.  A performance recorded live during sunrise on the summer solstice this year at Blockhouse park Plymouth. Its largely live sampling of what's going on around, all recorded using a field recorder that picks up the drone of Plymouth starting up for the day, some magpies and a keen dog walker. There's two people playing ipads, Lucy Davies and Shaun Lewin - They occasionally perform as the Oddstep Deployment Unit. -

    One of the pleasures of this Droneweek project is how far afield submissions have come from. From Plymouth practically on our doorstep to the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Our next work is from the artist Stephanie Merchak in Lebanon. With an academic background and technical expertise in music going back decades, Stephanie Merchak’s first endeavours into the realm of electronic music came in 2004.
As one of Lebanon’s few professional female electronic music producers, she has been working on bringing out her own touch of experimentalism.Her exposure has substantially increased since 2009 after winning 2nd prize at Radio Lebanon’s “96.2 Modern Music Contest” and following it with a live performance at The Basement.
Stephanie worked for more than 10 years as a sound editor, composer and sound designer for studios in Beirut.
    The track submitted is called 'Into the Darkness' and was composed especially for Droneweek. It was recorded in one take into Ableton Live with no post processing using a variety of equipment including a Korg Volka Keys, a Zoom MS-70 and a Focusrite scarlett on august 4th 2017 at 1.56am.
    There is plenty more to discover about Stephanie Merchak's work at the following links -

    The next submission is from Cynthia and called 'Between Two worlds' released on Shimmering Moods Records. I can't tell you anything about Cynthia other than other works are available under a different name and that this track was given 9 out of 10 by Norman Records... Should you feel like owning a copy there may be a very few ltd editions left at -

    Next up is a track from Dim Unit from Melbourne (Australia). The piece is called Aftermath, recorded on 21st January this year. Dim Unit is Damian Mason and more info can be found here -
and here -

More of Dim Unit can be heard in later Droneweek mixes..

     Back to London now and a piece called 'View from stave Hill' by Smallhaus,  a mix of field recordings, a degraded old tape and guitar. Info is available here - and you can follow Smallhaus on Twitter here -

The final track in this mix is called 'P△RTICLE' from Voodoo Gangster. All the way from Dunedin, New Zealand, Voodoo Gangster is a FUTURIAN, runs the Ōtepoti Music blog, and also work at Radio One 91FM (part of the Radia network -

    Friday Aug 11th... A great day of Droneweek radio today. First up an hour long mix of some of the shorter submissions received.. We kick off with a drone called 'Hope' by Matthew Chapman. Matthew is more usually associated with Drum and Bass and a quick look at his Soundcloud page shows a wealth a great DnB talent if you like that kind of thing (we're quite keen on a bit of DnB at Soundart)..
Matt is a Drum & Bass producer, electronic music artist & composer from Ockendon in Essex. As a Music Technology and Music Performance teacher and currently studying a masters in MMus Electronic Music Composition Matt is passionate about sound, music and education. Under the pseudonym 'Wreckless', Matt has been releasing electronic for around 6 years, predominantly in the style of Drum & Bass.

You can find out more about Matt here - 
Instagram: @wreckless_dnb
Twitter: @wreckless_dnb
Spotify: Wreckless Playlist

Next up a piece from Dimitrios Bormpoudakis, a Research assistant at the School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent.
    The piece is a field-recorded drone of electricity pylon wires, supplemented by crows, insects, other birds etc. It was recorded on the footpath between Canterbury and the coastal town of Whitstable, using a typical zoom H3 portable recorder.There is a little more on the soundcloud page here -

A submission from Jennifer Walton called 'Immediacy' follows. Jennifer is primarily a film composer based between london and newcastle. More info and audio can be found on her soundcloud - and also her website at -

In this mix we have 2 submissions from Jordan McDermott. The first is called 'Tokyo' inspired by time spent in Japan, and the later track '4shore. Honour the treaty' from time spent in New Zealand. Jordan is about to start a Digital music and Sound art degree in Brighton which I believe will be under the superb tutorledge of another Droneweek contributor and friend of Soundart, Maria Papadomanolaki of whom I will talk more of later... There's more from Jordan here -

An odd one next, I'm sure some of us can relate. A piece called 'I was a middle aged gym drone' from Ben Clayton-Wolfindale, a recording he made  at his local gym - 7 minutes 30 of him on a rowing machine. I love the non-descript ambient drone that lurks around the periphery of this field recording built up from all the convoluted noises of the acoustic space... Ben is a sound artist based in London and there is some great material to be found on his Bandcamp -

   'Covfefe' is a drone sent by Lukas Nystrand von Unge..  Lukas seems like an interesting chap. More info and links can be found at his soundcloud page -

Next up, a piece from Primitive Knot. Manchester's primary psychedelic gnostic spacerock band. They've found their way onto Soundart Radio before courtesy of Steve Cammack Muhmur show and we're very glad of that because they're awesome. Get down with the Ur-sound.

    Finally in this first mix a track from the aforementioned Maria Papadomanolaki, an improvisation with radios. Maria is senior lecturer and course leader in Digital Music and Sound Arts at the university of Brighton. Maria has a wealth of Sonic arts experience and practice going back many years. More information on Maria's work is available here -
sensing cities blog

    I believe she will have the pleasure of tutoring the aforementioned Jordan McDermott from September this year!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

     Its still Thursday and we've got two great mixes. The first is from Verity Sharp who most will know from BBC Radio 3's Late Junction. Verity is by all accounts an accomplished cellist and fiddle player and from this mix it's clear she has a deep passion for drones. This mix includes tracks from Terry Riley, Meredith Monk, Alvin Curran, Pauline Oliveros, as well as East African Ceremonial Music, Wildebeast field recordings, traditional music from the Balkans and more. Its an apsolute cracker and an great pleasure to have Verity curate this mixtape for us here at soundart Radio.

     We also have a 2 hour mix of material produced by sound artists Annie Morrad and Ian McArthur.

Annie is based in the UK - in Lincoln and London. She is an artist and academic and plays alto, tenor and soprano saxophones. Ian lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia, although he spends a lot of time on China - hence the Chinese sonic elements you’ll hear interspersed throughout the mix. He manipulates sound through software, code and processed guitars and piano. Both use field recordings in the process. 

All the work is produced via the exchange of audio files and recording - or in live telematic improvisations conducted online. The telematic process produces unpredictable effects and we have developed an approach to live performance that integrates latency, normally unwanted sound artefacts, delays, glitches and interruptions of platforms such as Skype and Mixlr. We’ve performed together live just twice in the same room - both times in Beijing (September 2016).

This mix reflects the more drone-like qualities of our compositional and performative approaches to sound-art practice and it features some of our earliest recorded material through to improvisations recorded just this week. 

  They are currently working on a project called “The Grid”. It’s a preliminary study exploring sound and cities to forge a triangulated performative and intermittently participatory digital space linking London, Sydney, Chongqing and New York through experimental composition and telematic improvisation using live and recorded saxophones, coding, field recordings, found sounds, electronics, processed guitars, and piano.

  They have a monthly radio show called Itinerant Mind on Wave Farm WGXC 90.7 FM (New York)

More information about their work can be found at the following links:

In addition to these two mixes I've also included amongst other tracks,Tony Whitehead's live performance from Sunday again, plus his piece 'Where Death Keeps Hearth and Home', the two ritualistic drones of Julian Cope, the Morton Feldman composition 'The Mortimer Trap' performed by Oren Ambarchi and Thomas Brinkmann and the David First track 'Pipeline Witness Apologies to Dennis'.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Bright and early Thursday morning.... The much maligned #BritishSummertime has at least temporarily stopped its persistent harassment of the holidaying UK and offered up deep blue skies and pleasant morning sunshine which is nice.. Those who may have tuned in overnight will have been lucky enough to hear the live sounds of The Weather Warlock 
a weather controlled synthesiser installation all the way across the Atlantic on the Wave Farm in upstate new york. More information about Weather Warlock and Quintron, the artist responsible for it ,can be found here - and check out to find out what goes on at the Wave Farm.